The best DIY services in 2023 (2023)

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Those who own a home know that it needs various repairs, updates and maintenance. While there are occasional free weekends to take care of some of these tasks on your own, this to-do list can quickly get out of hand. Sometimes the best solution is to delegate these tasks to professionals. A good handyman can handle a variety of tasks, from painting a room to assembling furniture to installing a new lamp.

While you can hire a handyman from a local company, the best nationwide DIY service offers reliability, high availability, and excellent customer service. The best DIY services will fulfill their work with guarantees that last up to one year after completion. Before you start looking for the "best handyman," check out this guide to see what to look for and check out some of the best DIY services.

  1. BEST OVERALL: Sr. manitas
  2. runner-up: Ace Handyman Services
  4. ALSO CONSIDER: handyman connection

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What to consider when choosing one of the best DIY services

While browsing the web fordiy Services,Several factors must be considered, including service area, hours, services offered, and customer service. Learn more about these and other important factors.

Service area and hours

The first step in choosing a home improvement service is to find one that serves the area where the customer lives. While most domestic home improvement companies have locations fairly evenly spread across the United States, that's not necessarily the case in every city and town. Most services have an online locator tool that allows homeowners or renters to see if their home is within the company's service area. The owner can also call the handyman service directly.

Home improvement services typically offer two ways to schedule a service. Some allow the customer to schedule a service online or even through a DIY app on their smartphone. Others require their customers to call a toll-free number to schedule a service. Those who value face-to-face contact when scheduling work-from-home should opt for a handyman service that offers customers a toll-free phone number to schedule an appointment.

Services offered

While most DIY services include assembly, carpentry, installation, maintenance, painting, remodeling, and general repairs in their list of services, many also offer services that set them apart from the competition. These specializations include more advanced electrical and plumbing work, landscaping, fencing, and deck repair. When consulting a home improvement service, homeowners should look at their service offerings and choose one that fits the job that needs to be done. To avoid going through the vetting process again when choosing a service, homeowners should also consider what other chores will soon require a handyman.

offers and prices

Not all home improvement services value your work in the same way. Some pay by the hour, others by work. While there is nothing wrong with both billing methods, it is important to consider how your handyman is charged when it comes to the size of the job. It's wise to charge by the hour for minor jobs that may only take a few hours, such as minor plumbing repairs or shelving installations. For larger multi-day projects, it's best to enlist the help of a handyman who bills for the project, eliminating the need for the owner to monitor the crew to ensure they don't take too long to complete the job. A good handyman should also be able to provide their clients with a quote before the job is complete.

Insurance and Licenses

When searching for "home repair services near me," a homeowner should always verify that the service is insured and that their technicians are properly licensed to perform work in the state. Many states require the do-it-yourselfer to have some type of license. For example, in Massachusetts, any handyman doing construction work or more extensive renovations must have a contractor's license. All handymen working in Maryland must have a DIY license. Some states base their licenses on restoration value. For example, in Arizona, any job over $1,000 requires a contractor's license. Certain types of electrical and plumbing work also require a license in most states. With this in mind, the client should ask the home improvement service if they have the necessary licenses to do the work before hiring them.

In addition to having the corresponding licenses, you will also be assured of a good handyman service. This is critical since homeowners insurance is unlikely to cover the contractor's work, nor will it provide medical care if a technician is injured on the job. A good handyman will have an insurance policy that covers any accidental damage to your home and any injuries the technicians may sustain while on the job.


Many home improvement services do their job with warranties, but not all warranties are created equal. Some services guarantee their operation for up to a year, while others may only work for a few days. Since warranties for DIY services can vary, the customer will want to ask during the verification process how long the company does their work.

Customer service

Being able to contact a handyman service when questions arise about the job or if something goes wrong is crucial. Since home improvement services vary in the way they handle the customer, it's a good idea for the homeowner to choose one that suits the customer's preferences. Those who like to interact with a live person should choose a service with a toll-free customer support phone number, while those who prefer to exchange messages with an online representative should choose a service that offers a chat option.

DIY jobs with limited customer support hours can be more frustrating, so it's important to consider customer support hours as well. Some DIY services also offer other features to improve customer service, like text alerts that let you know when a technician is on the way.

Our top picks

The following list takes the above considerations into account to narrow the field to some of the best handyman services.

better overall

The best DIY services in 2023 (3)


Why was it cut?Mr. Handyman has an experienced team of technicians in a wide network of locations, making it one of the best options for DIY services.

A wide range of services, experienced technicians, and strong customer service set Mr. Handyman apart from the competition. With approximately 200 locations in the United States and Canada, Mr. Handyman has the largest reach of any home improvement service in the US, making it more affordable than competing services.

Mr. Handyman technicians are among the most experienced in the industry, each with an average of 10 years of experience. This experience inspires customer confidence that handymen will do the job right the first time. And if for any reason the job isn't done right, Mr. Handyman has your back for 6 months.

The company is also one of the few DIY services with multiple customer support channels, including phone and live chat. Appointments with Mr. Handyman can be made entirely through the Neighborly app, which is convenient for those short on time, or through the call center for those who have questions and want an instant job quote.


  • Service area:United States and Canada
  • Planning:internet, telephone
  • Services offered:Assembly, carpentry, installation, maintenance, painting, remodeling, repair
  • Guarantee:6 months work guarantee
  • Customer service:Phone, live chat


  • Each professional is knowledgeable with an average of 10 years of experience.
  • Over 200 locations in the US and Canada
  • Possibility to book through the Neighborly app
  • Customer support available by phone and live chat


  • Some services may not be available in all locations

Second place

The best DIY services in 2023 (4)


Why was it cut?The ability to schedule chunks of time from 2 hours to a full day makes Ace Handyman Services ideal for handling many odd jobs.

Excellent customer communication and a fee structure that is tailored to those looking for a service to manage many small tasks make Ace the perfect choice for those looking to complete their to-do list. Customers can rent Ace for a 2 hour, half day or full day block.

Although Ace is affiliated with Ace Hardware, the home improvement service is independent of the home improvement store, so customers should not assume that Ace Handyman Services is available at their local Ace Hardware store. The handyman service's online location lookup feature isn't extremely accurate, but customers can call the company's toll-free number to check availability.

Ace conducts annual inspections of their technicians, giving customers peace of mind. Customers can typically schedule a service within a few days, and Ace will send text alerts to the customer to let them know when a technician is on the way.


  • Service area:NAS.
  • Planning:internet, telephone
  • Services offered:Assembly, carpentry, installation, maintenance, painting, remodeling, repair, gutters, washing, home security
  • Guarantee:1 year labor warranty
  • Customer service:telephone


  • 2 hour, half day and full day packages available
  • Background checks were performed on all technicians.
  • Technicians send "on the way" text updates.


  • The location search function is a bit unreliable

The best online reservation

The best DIY services in 2023 (5)

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Why was it cut?Handy offers services that can't be found at the competition, including landscaping, moving, house cleaning, and even furniture sales.

Handy sets itself apart from the competition by offering services that most other DIY services don't. In addition to carpentry, installation, maintenance, painting, etc., Handy can also help with landscaping, moving, and house cleaning. Handy is also the only DIY service that sells furniture, a service it offers through The Home Shop. Customers can purchase furniture online and have it assembled by a Handy technician upon arrival.

The company stands behind its work with the Handy Happiness Guarantee. If the customer is not satisfied with the service, the company will send a technician to fix it free of charge. However, complaints must be filed within 72 hours of service ending, which is a relatively tight window. But convenience-seeking customers will appreciate the fact that they can schedule appointments directly through the Handy app.


  • Service area:United States, Canada and United Kingdom
  • Planning:On the Internet, the application
  • Services offered:Assembly, carpentry, installation, maintenance, painting, remodeling, repair, cleaning, plumbing, electrical, moving, landscaping
  • Guarantee:Satisfaction guaranteed
  • Customer service:Email


  • Landscaping, relocation assistance and house cleaning services offered
  • Home Shop allows customers to buy furniture online with assembly
  • Convenient reservation available through the Handy app


  • Customers can file complaints only within 72 hours of service being provided.

Also consider

The best DIY services in 2023 (6)

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Why was it cut?Handyman Connection is a unique do-it-yourself service offering yard and fence repair, electrical and plumbing.

Handyman Connection distinguishes itself by providing services not commonly found elsewhere, including deck and fence repair and installation, as well as other specialty services such as plumbing and electrical. Customers will appreciate the one-year labor warranty and the practice of performing annual background checks on all technicians.

Although Handyman Connection has over 60 locations throughout the US and Canada, locating those locations can be challenging as the company's location search feature is not particularly reliable. However, customers can easily call the company's toll-free number to find a location and schedule service.


  • Service area:United States and Canada
  • Planning:telephone
  • Services offered:Carpentry, electricity, maintenance, painting, plumbing, remodeling, assembly
  • Guarantee:1 year labor warranty
  • Customer service:telephone


  • Offers services in the field of repair and installation of terraces, fences, electricity and plumbing
  • Background checks were performed on all technicians.


  • The location search function is a bit unreliable

our verdict

Due to experienced technicians, a large number of locations, and first-class customer service,Sr. manitasis the best one-stop DIY service. Those looking for a service to help them with a smaller job listing should considerAce Handyman Serviceswith the possibility of scheduling services in different periods of time.

Before hiring one of the best DIY services

Before hiring a home improvement service, it's important to understand the scope of work a home improvement service can do. Most DIY services are for smaller jobs that can be completed in a day or two, such as repairing a closet door, painting kitchen cabinets, repairing a patio, or installing a bookcase. A handyman is probably not the right choice for a major kitchen or bathroom remodel. Depending on what state you're in, a handyman may not even be licensed to do major work. For larger projects that can take weeks to complete, it's usually best to hire a licensed contractor who can handle major renovations and assemble the necessary team of professionals to get the job done. They will also be familiar with the various permits you need to obtain.

The cost of hiring one of the best handyman services

Hethe cost of hiring a handymanit can differ dramatically. Small freelance DIY services typically charge $60-$70 an hour. DIY home services are much higher, around $125 an hour. Expect to pay more for specialized services like plumbing or electricity.

Hourly rates aren't the only thing to consider. An experienced handyman who is not charged by the hour knows how long the job will take and typically charges a flat fee for the job. Since these rates are for labor only, the client must also factor in the cost of materials, which can vary from service to service.

Benefits of using one of the best handyman services

sometimes tryingdiythe project is not feasible. And while hiring the cheapest guy to do the job might seem like a good way to save money, it can often cost the client more. By hiring one of the best home improvement services, homeowners can rest assured that they are hiring a qualified technician to do the job, increasing the chances of getting it done right the first time. A good handyman is also fully insured and has all the appropriate licenses, ensuring that someone with knowledge of how to do the job safely will be on site. The professional will also be aware of any permits or inspections required for the job, eliminating the need for the homeowner to navigate themselves.

  • A professional guarantees that the job will be done right the first time.
  • The best services are fully insured and employ licensed technicians.
  • Someone else does the work, so the owner doesn't have to spend weekends making adjustments.
  • Professional services are aware of the licenses and permits required for many projects.

Frequent questions

Although many questions about handyman services have been answered in this guide, you may still have some questions. Here are answers to the most pressing questions from homeowners looking for "the best home improvement services near you."

Q. What are basic DIY skills?

While a handyman may have a long list of skills, they should be able to handle carpentry, basic plumbing, minor electrical wiring, most maintenance, and minor repairs.

Q. Can a handyman paint a house?

Yes. In fact, it is one of the best DIY jobs. A handyman will know how to protect your home furnishings and paint difficult areas like trim and ceilings. Since painting is a common DIY service, you can expect a professional finish.

Q. What is the handyman service?

A handyman can typically perform a wide range of services including, but not limited to, carpentry, home maintenance, basic electrical and plumbing work, and painting.

Q. What makes a good handyman?

A good handyman will do quality work, show up when they say they'll be there, and meet deadlines. A good handyman will also admit when the job is not in their skill set.

Q. What is the difference between a handyman and a contractor?

A handyman is qualified to do smaller jobs that take 1-2 days to complete. A general contractor can undertake large renovation projects that take days or weeks, coordinate workers with special skills, and obtain multiple building permits.

Q. How much do handyman services cost?

Handyman rates vary, but expect to pay $60-$70 per hour for a freelance handyman and $125 per hour for a handyman who works for a national franchise service.


The best DIY services in 2023? ›

repairman. jack-of-all-trades. mechanic. serviceman. mender.

What is a fancy name for a handyman? ›

repairman. jack-of-all-trades. mechanic. serviceman. mender.

What is the politically correct term for handyman? ›

"Skilled Artisan" or "craftsman" would imply that you're good at making something specific.

Is there an app for handyman quotes? ›

JobNimbus works as an app for self-employed handyman or established small businesses. Some of these home services that customers hire contractors for are drywall repairs, fresh coats of paint, and flooring improvements. A customer can have a variety of odd jobs where they need the right person to do a professional job.

What is another word for handyman on resume? ›

Handyman Synonyms

jack-of-all-trades. fixer. helper. hired man.


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