How to fix YouTube video rendering stuck at 0%, 95% or 99%? (2023)

Videos come in many formats and sizes. For ease of use, YouTube offers a compression algorithm that processes uploaded videos to meet video standards and creates multiple versions so viewers can view them on different devices.

However, sometimes a YouTube video gets stuck in rendering. The rendering state remains stuck at 99%, 95%, or even 0%. In order to find the right solutions, let us better understand the possible causes of YouTube video loading problem.

Listed below are some of the factors that can cause a YouTube video to crash during processing:
1. Internet connection is weak and unreliable.
2. Video specifications (ie format, codec, frame rate) do not meet platform requirements.
3. The uploaded video is too big.
4. Something is wrong with the YouTube server.
5. The browser suddenly freezes.

A YouTube video stuck on rendering can also occur due to antivirus software breach, insufficient memory, incomplete/corrupted video file, etc. Whatever the reason, we have put together all the possible remedies on this problem to help fix the problem. Please read and try one of the following solutions to resolve the issue:

Solution 1. Be patient and wait

With over 500 hours of video uploaded to YouTube every minute, it's no surprise that it sometimes takes a long time to process. Also, higher quality videos like 4K videos take longer to load. So, if you see a YouTube video stuck at 95% or 99%, please be patient and wait for the video to finish uploading to YouTube.

But if the video upload takes forever or ends with an error message like "We found unexpected problems”, go to the following fixes.

Solution 2. Check your Internet connection

A strong and stable internet connection is important if you wantupload your video to youtubeor any successful social platform. Most of the time, users come across a YouTube video not processing error due to poor internet connection. In this case, you can:

  • Try a different network system
  • Move to another location with a better internet signal
  • Turn off Wi-Fi and reconnect
  • Try restarting your device

Solution 3. Reopen/refresh the upload page

Sometimes there is a chance that the upload page gets stuck and you can't see the updated upload status. To resolve this issue, you can close the upload page and reopen it. You can also simply refresh the website in your browser.

Press common keyboard shortcuts likeF5lubricantControl + Rrefresh. For phone users, tap the recharge button at the top of the page.

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Solution 4. Reopen the page and resubmit it

If none of the above methods fix the YouTube video stuck rendering issue, try to remove the video stuck rendering. Then upload it again.

Solution 5. Update your browser

The problem may lie with the browser and for this reason the upload to YouTube is blocked in processing. And the message "An error occurred while sending data over the network"He"A network error has occurredIt may appear if your browser is out of date. Make sure to update it to the latest version.

Solution 6. Try another browser

While you can use various browsers like Google Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, etc. To upload videos to YouTube, Chrome is believed to make the best use of upload processing. If the process of uploading videos to YouTube gets stuck in other browsers, you can try Chrome and vice versa.

Solution 7. Clear cookies and browser cache

There is a possibility that the data collected and the cache in your browser prevent the uploaded video from being processed. You can clear your browser's cache and data to resolve the rendering issue. That is how:

  • Open Chrome and click on the menu icon in the top right corner.
  • GonnaMore tools > Clear browsing data.
  • wBasictab, selectAll the timeofTime intervaldropdown options.
  • Check the box next to itCookies,other site dataICached images and files.
  • then clickDelete databelow
  • Restart Chrome and reload the video to see if the issue is resolved.

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Please note, however, that clearing your browser's cookies may terminate your account and your saved preferences will be removed from many sites. You may need to sign in again with your account details to access them.

Solution 8. Disable unnecessary firewalls, antivirus software, or VPNs

If your YouTube video stutters during processing, it may be due to a breach of third-party software, such as a firewall, anti-spyware, or other software with restrictive security settings. These security settings can slow down the transfer process and sometimes even prevent data transfer.

Therefore, it is recommended to temporarily disable unnecessary software and extensions in your browser.

Solution 9. Try an incognito window to upload video

Another option that has been confirmed to be useful is uploading YouTube videos in an incognito window. Many browsers support incognito mode. Here's how to enable incognito mode in Chrome:

In the upper right corner of the Chrome window, tap the three vertical dots and selectNew incognito window.

Alternatively, you can pressCtrl + Shift + Nto open a new incognito window.

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Amendment 10. Avoid rush hours

Statistics show that most people decide to post on YouTube between the hours of 6:00 p.m. m. and 9:00 p.m. m. and from 3:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. You can try uploading videos at another time.

Solution 11. Edit the video to meet YouTube's recommended specifications

As mentioned above, if the video specifications such as format, codec or frame rate do not meet YouTube requirements, then you might also be facing YouTube uploading issue.

The following arerecommended payload encoding settingsfor your YouTube videos.

Audio Codecs:AAC-LC
Video codec:H.264
Frames per second:24, 25, 30, 48, 50, 60 frames per second (other frame rates are also allowed).
Standard proportions:16:9

For a video to be fully compatible with YouTube, you need a tool that can not only serve asYouTube Format Converterbut it also supports adjusting video settings to meet YouTube recommended requirements. Fortunately,WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Procontains all necessary functions. And with an intuitive interface and preset options, even non-tech-savvy users can quickly convert any video to YouTube-compatible formats and specifications in seconds. That is how:

Step 1. Hit the DOWNLOAD button below to first install the handy toolkit on your Windows device.

Step 2. After a quick installation, runHD Factory Pro Video Converteron your computer and writeConvertermodule. Then clickadd filesor drag the video file to the program. supportedbatchallows mass conversion of files.


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Step 3. Click the format image on the right side of the interface to expand the full list of 500+ output formats. LowVideoformat category, select the recommendedMP4as output format.

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Step 4. To adjust other parameters, go toParameter settingbelow the output format image. Canchange video and audio codecsDoH.264/AACdla youtube'a,adjust frame rateand bitrate to your liking,modify the resolutionand aspect ratio, and so on.

Step 5. Finally, set the output folder at the bottom of the program and click onBeginto start the conversion.

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Solution 12. Compress the video file

Another key factor that affects uploaded videos is their size, as the larger the file, the longer it takes to process. Compression of video files forreduce file sizeit can help you solve the problem of YouTube video stuck in rendering.

To reduce the size of the files, you can reduce the resolution, e.g.4K render 1080p, for example, or shorten the length of the video. The good news is that you don't have to search through the plethora of editing tools on the market, as the aforementioned WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro offers multiple ways to compress your video files to a manageable size. Both lossy and lossless compression come into play. Here are the steps to reduce file sizes:

Step 1. Download and install the software on your computer.

Step 2. LaunchHD Factory Pro Video Converterand chooseConverterin the home interface. Then drag and drop the videos you want to upload to YouTube.

Step 3. Select one of the methods below to compress your video files to the desired size.
Method 1. Switch to advanced encoder
Method 2. Batch Compress Button
Method 3. Lower the video resolution
Method 4. Lower the video bitrate
Method 5. Cut off the unwanted part
Method 6. Split video into clips

Step 4. Specify the output path and pressBeginbutton to start batch resizing YouTube videos with high quality.

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Hot search: Compress video without losing quality|Compress videos for a website|Batch compressed videos

Solution 13. Ask YouTube support for help

Server errors can also contribute to issues likethe video does not playor YouTube video processing stuck at 0. If YouTube is still unable to process the uploaded video after doing all the above fixes, the problem is probably with the YouTube server. Unfortunately, in the event of a server issue, there is nothing users can do other than check the YouTube Help Center or submit feedback directly to let YouTube Support know about the problem.

Please follow the steps below to report a problem processing a YouTube video on your computer:
Go to the YouTube home page.
Click on your profile photo, then selectPost commentsfrom the extended list.
Describe the problem you encountered in detail. You can add a screenshot to help them better understand your issue.
When you're done, click Submit.

So for questions like "Why is my YouTube video taking so long to process?" or "Why is my YouTube video stuck at processing 0?", there is no single answer to these questions, as the time it takes to process your YouTube videos depends on a variety of factors.

But we have tried our best to help you fix YouTube loading stuck at 0, 95, 99 percent with 13 ways given in this article. I hope your problem can be solved by these methods.

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Jan 31, 2023

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